450 g, 330 x 85 mm (folded), 150 cm unfolded
Ref. SE392200

677,70 €
The SAFELINK AIS SART is a manual activation emergency location
device intended for life rafts or any other rescue equipment.
Conforming to SOLAS recommendations, the SAFELINK AIS SART
provides an alternative to radar transponders. Compact and easy
to activate and use, the SAFELINK AIS SART is packaged in an easily
transportable bag for quick evacuation of the ship.
It transmits a series of information comprising the alert message,
GPS position and serial code.
Once activated, the SAFELINK AIS SART Transponder transmits
continuously for a minimum of 96 hours. A built-in high precision GPS
receivers provides accurate position data to enable quick recovery
of the crew members in the sea.
Its buoyant bag provides maximum protection, whether attached
to a bulkhead or stored in the life raft.
Compact and light
Buoyant thanks to its bag
Delivered with its bag and its strap
• Visual indication of fonction
• Operating time of 96 hours
• 6 years validity period for the battery (from product date)
• Watertight up to 10 m