Mob 46 Salva-vidas insuflável

Mob 46 Salva-vidas insuflável
Ref. BU110346

171,91 €

Automatic inflation on immersion in 5 seconds.

With automatic inflator and LED flash light.

Buoyancy 15,5 Kg.

- Double velcro attachement, adapts to all 20 to 45 mm diameter edges.

- One- handed easy opening.

- Life belt folded and stored in the  floating anchor, handle for easy throwing.

- Polyester strap with acetal loop + hooking ring, the assembly forms a harness with resistance of over 300 Kg.

- Floating anchor to avoid drifting.

- Reflective strips on both sides .

Whistle and mouthpiece.

Standard cartridge 33 gr.