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Payment Methods

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ATM payment (entity, reference and amount payable to provide by the company)

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Paypal payment*

What is PayPal?

Millenium bcp

Bank transfer**

Banco Millennium - bcp

Account Nº 45481171530 

IBAN PT50 0033 0000 45481171530 05

International transfer


Payment can be made by homebanking (if this service is active in your bank)

* Payment with Paypal system have tax rate of 3.5%, due to the use of the service.
** All fees associated with transfers are the customer's responsibility.



Can I actually pay with my Maestro card?

  • In Belgium, KBC, CBC, ING, CENTEA, Belfius, BNP Paribas Fortis, Fintro, Argenta, Beobank, Axa Bank, Deutsche Bank, VDK, Record Bank are the first banks who have activated their Maestro functions to enable online commerce. (*)
  • In Albania, Armenia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Montenegro, Norway, Belgium, Portugal, Romania, Ukraine, Turkey, Russia, Ireland, France, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Macedonia, Uzbekistan, Spain and in the United Kingdom, all Maestro cards have already been activated for internet shopping. (*)

Is the use of the CVC code mandatory with my Maestro card?

No, the use of the CVC code with your Maestro card is optional.

Can I use my bank account number to pay with Maestro? 

No, you need to use the card number in stead of the bank account number.

When paying with my Maestro card, which number should I use?

On the card itself, besides the card number, cardholder’s name and expiry date, you may also find, among other things, the bank account number. The data displayed depends on the issuing bank and the country of origin.
The number to use is the card number. This number can be between 13 and 19 digits and is structured as follows: 1111 3333 5555 7777 0 (e.g.: example of a Belgian Maestro card) 

Maestro Resto da Europa

Maestro Bélgica

Generic card layout for Europe
Number to use for payment: 
0012 3456 7890 1234
Generic card layout for Belgium
Number to use for payment: 
6703 3456 7890 1234 5 ALWAYS 17 digits.

Do you have a Maestro card issued in a country which isn’t mentioned above?

In Italy, Greece, Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia many but not all cards are enabled for Ecommerce. Contact your Maestro card issuing bank to learn more about the possibilities of paying online with Maestro.

(*) Important notice: To be able to actually use Maestro® for online commerce, you will need a secure means of authentication, provided by your bank, and based on the «SecureCode/3-D Secure®» technology (same as for all MasterCard and Visa cards). The means of authentication can be a card reader, a password, etc. If you cannot authenticate yourself during the processing of the Maestro transaction, the transaction will be refused. For more information on the authentication possibilities or on the activation of your card to pay online with Maestro, please contact your bank.

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